Are you Self-Employed and looking for a mortgage?  You found the right place.

There are several mortgage options when it comes to homebuyers who are Self-Employed. Some people who work for themselves may have found in the past that it’s a little difficult to get approval for a traditional mortgage since they may not have a steady fixed-income. At we pride ourselves on assisting those who are Self-Employed and believe they should be offered the same options and competitive rates when it comes to mortgages.  We can discuss a wide range of choices which suit your budget and financial lifestyle. We have mortgage solutions that are designed for your specific situation whether you want to finance a new home or leverage your existing home’s equity.

A Self-Employed mortgage could be used for the following reasons:

  • Buying a home
  • Renovating or improving your home
  • Lowering monthly payments and consolidating debts
  • Financing other personal or family needs

If you’d like to borrow a lot or just a little we will be able to find a customized self employed mortgage to meet your needs. For more information on Self-Employed mortgages please contact our team of mortgage professionals at today. We’ll discuss your unique situation and let you know how much you can comfortably afford.  We have worked with many self employed business owners and can help you customize a mortgage package and get through the hurdles many Self-Employed people face when applying for a mortgage.

Just finalized my mortgage with @MortgMeister. Took exactly one day, now off to the cottage! #HighFive

Definitely not the same experience I had with the bank, thanks @MortgMeister #ThatWasEasy

Just got my quote from @MortgMeister, my wife gave me a high five when she saw it. Thanks Jeff!

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