New to Canada?  We can help you purchase your new home.

It’s common for newcomers to Canada to seek a mortgage for a new home. However, since it’s the first time purchasing a home in their adopted country they may not fully understand the process of acquiring a mortgage. The rules and regulations in Canada could differ from your homeland and it’s a good idea to enlist the aid of a professional mortgage broker to make sure all of the laws are followed.

It’s important for newcomers to Canada to fully understand exactly how mortgages function so they don’t get in over their heads. At, we’ll gladly help explain how mortgages work in this country and offer our assistance while you’re searching for the best interest rate and terms for your new home. We can also offer advice for those who are looking to purchase vacation homes or investment property in Canada.  We’ll discuss your down payment options as well as the frequency of payments, term length, types of mortgages and any possible mortgage insurance obligations that need to be followed.

The following items may effect a New to Canada Mortgage:

  • Immigration status
  • Employment history
  • Size of down payment
  • Total of debts outside of Canada

Each newcomer to Canada comes to the country with both a unique past and future. Our team of professionals will provide you with personal advice and knowledge necessary, while finding a customized mortgage for your specific situation. For more information, please contact today to learn about all of the options available to you.

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