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Etobicoke has long been a popular residential location in the Greater Toronto Area due to its affordability and friendly, family-oriented neighbourhoods. At you’ll find a wide range of residential mortgage options to choose from which can all be processed in a quick and efficient manner by our team of helpful professionals. Our experienced brokers will seek out the best terms and rates for your mortgage in Etobicoke as we can custom-build a package for your unique situation.

If you’re in the market to buy home in the Etobicoke area or are looking to renew a mortgage, access home equity, or are planning on refinancing, we will be able to create a custom package for your needs. Our experts will be glad to assist you from the beginning of the process right until the very end of it and also look forward to answering all of your concerns and questions along the way.

Custom Mortgage Programs Available in Etobicoke

Custom mortgage programs including the First Time Homebuyer and Canadian RRSP Homebuyer Plans are available to clients as are options for those who are retired, self-employed, or are new to Canada. Regardless of your reason for visiting us, our team of experts will be able to provide you with as much assistance and legwork as possible. Just leave everything in our hands and we’ll search high and low for the best deal available as well as providing you with honest answers and advice every step of the way.

Mortgages For The Self-Employed

With the high-tech era now upon us, more and more Canadians and Etobicoke residents are working for themselves these days. Many people work as freelancers for internet-based ventures, own their own small businesses, carry out contract employment, or work on a commission basis. A lot of people find themselves working out of their homes and that’s all the more reason to make sure you’re able to acquire an affordable and comfortable dwelling. If you work for yourself you’ll need to be aware that proof of income will be required to acquire a mortgage. The lending company will want to be assured that you can handle the regular mortgage payments as well as your monthly bills. Most self-employed home buyers can prove their income with business-related financial statements and records as well as notice of assessments and your annual income tax returns. Many mortgage lenders will offer self-employed clients approximately 65% loan to value. Also, don’t forget to try and keep your credit score in fine standing as your business and personal scores can typically help you obtain a mortgage.

Mortgages With Bad Credit

Being labeled as somebody with bad credit usually isn’t as bad as it may sound when it comes to applying for a mortgage. Sometimes emergencies happen which can deplete your finances and you may suddenly find yourself in a hole which can take a long time to dig out of. If you find yourself behind the financial eight-ball for some reason, we can still assist you in your search for a mortgage in Etobicoke even if you have bad credit. If just one spouse possesses a bad credit score there are a few options available to you and out team at will discuss them all thoroughly with you. For example, you may just want the spouse with good credit to inquire about a mortgage. In this case, both of your names can still be listed on the title of the home, but the spouse with the good credit rating will be the only person named on the mortgage. We will investigate all avenues if you have bad credit and will hunt down the best rates and terms on the market for you.

First Time Home Buyers

First time home buyers in the Etobicoke region will find that our team of experts can customize a mortgage which will suit their lifestyles and financial situations. This will help to simplify the mortgage process. Again, all of your options will be discussed and we’ll explain everything in detail. This will help us find the solution which best complements your circumstances. You’ll learn how down payments work and how they can affect the length and amount of payments. Also, you’ll learn how fixed and variable mortgages differ and get the inside track on interest rates etc.

New Construction

If you’re building a new home rather than purchasing an existing one in the Etobicoke real estate market, we will make sure the process is as simplified as possible. When it comes to new home construction, there are also several financing choices and we’ll gladly explain how they all differ and work. Some common options in this scenario include process draw and completion mortgages. We look forward to tracking down the best mortgage offers available for new home constructions in Etobicoke.

Investment Properties

If you’re in the market for an investment property rather than a home for you and your family in Etobicoke, then is the place to visit. We can help you realize a return on a real estate investment by explaining each one of the property mortgage options available to you. We’ll explain how investing by using a mortgage can benefit you and how you may be able to acquire the right financing needed for purchasing an investment property. Some of the important factors that will be discussed include things such mortgage default insurance, the size of your down payment, the number of units, the amortization period, non-owner and owner occupied options, and commercial and residential zoning.

There are numerous mortgage solutions available to residents of Etobicoke regardless of your current lifestyle and financial situation. For more information on your mortgage options please feel free to get in touch with a professional mortgage expert at your convenience at

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